Hot-dip galvanising

Hot-dip galvanising – the right product for every step

TIB Chemicals accompanies its customers along the entire hot-dip galvanising process. Our range of services comprises consultancy and the supply and disposal of chemicals. We have the right product for every step in the hot-dip galvanising process. Our range of products includes acids, degreasing agents, cleaning additives, inhibitors, pickling additives, fluxes, passivations and a number of functional additives.

TIB Clean - a range of highly effective cleaners for alkaline and acidic degreasing dipping processes

TIB Inhibitor – a range of products for an effective prevention of over-pickling, without influencing the speed of the oxide dialysis, and of hydrogen embrittlement 

TIB Flux – the range of fluxes includes double and triple salts, premium fluxes, patented iron-precipitating fluxes (Ferrokill) and special low-smoke and acid-buffering fluxes

TIB Finish – passivation products on an organic and inorganic basis

TIB Additiv – additives, e.g. for iron precipitation, surface tension modification and pH control

In conjunction with our customers we develop new products to meet the ever changing standards in our industries.

An extra service is our recycling of used flux baths. We also dispose of screen dusts, zinc ashes, zinc and iron pickling produced during galvanisation.

What the flux?

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TIB Flux

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Hot-dip galvanising

TIB Flux D Standard Double salt
TIB Flux 60 Premium flux
TIB Flux 60 pH acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux 60 pH + stark acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux 60 Ferrokill patented iron-precipitating flux
TIB Flux 60 Ferrokill + patented extra-strong iron-precipitating flux
TIB Flux LF10 low-smoke flux with 10 % ammonium chloride
TIB Flux LF10 pH + low-smoke flux, stark acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux LF20 low-smoke flux with 20 % Ammonium chloride
TIB Flux LF20 pH + low-smoke flux, very acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux AP - range special flux for aluminium-alloy meltings
TIB Flux S range special flux for special applications
TIB Clean a wide range of cleaning products
TIB Inhibitor inhibitors for pickling baths
TIB Additives functional additives for an efficient process
TIB Finish passivation for galvanised steel curing
Zinc chloride technical grade
Ammonium chloride technical grade
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TIB Chemicals AG is an internationally orientated medium-sized chemical company. We provide our customers with a wide range of products and customised solutions in basic chemicals, inorganic speciality chemicals and coating systems.