Who we are

We are TIB Chemicals AG, an internationally aligned medium-sized company specialising in the development, production and distribution of chemical products. From basic chemicals to inorganic speciality chemicals and coating systems – choose from our wide range of available products or opt for our customised solutions. Regardless of which product or service you need, TIB Chemicals will accommodate you: we are passionate about chemistry, excited about working with customers and enthusiastic for what the future holds.


products in the areas of basic chemicals, inorganic speciality chemicals and coating systems


per cent sustainable raw materials and energies


years of experience as a medium-sized, family-run company in the chemical industry


employees with a passion for chemistry and enthusiasm for our customers’ projects

Our self-conception



You can count on it: Our corporate structure, expertise and technologies are geared towards providing you with competent support for your projects. We ensure that this remains the case for a long time by constantly keeping an eye on a wide range of industries and current trends.



Our conviction: there is a solution for every one of your products or projects. Select from our standard programme, individually adapted for your needs, or take advantage of one of the newly created solutions from our research and development department. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied! Your success is our success!


Collaborative partnership

We are a medium-sized family-run business, which gives us the freedom to accommodate the needs of our clientele. Customers from a wide range of industries appreciate the partnership-based collaboration with us. We maintain close contact with our customers and offer profound advice and extensive technical support that is aligned with their needs

The TIB Chemicals AG Foundation

Helping people in difficult life situations quickly and without complications – that is the declared goal of our foundation. Since 2008, we have been committed to helping employees and their families who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.

150 years of passion for chemistry: A time travel through new achievements up to a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Our history

The history of the site began on 6 December 1872 with the founding of Chemische Fabrik Rheinau AG. From the beginning, the focus was on the production of industrial chemicals, initially soda ash and potash.


In 1897, the Rheinau industrial area was given its own connection to Mannheim harbour after the old waterbodies of the Rhine were extended.

From the very beginning, sulphuric acid – the blood of chemistry – played a major role, starting with a plant using the lead chamber process in 1914 until today’s production using the contact process (start of plant from 1982).


Zinc chloride has been produced at the site since 1919. Since then, the facilities for recycling zinc residues have been upgraded and expanded several times, most recently as part of the modernisation currently underway (start of zinc chloride production from 1950).

1928 saw the start of the first operation for Prodorit bitumen-based building protection products for a wide range of applications, from interior gas pipe sealants to rail grouting and parquet adhesive compounds (product advertisement from the 1950s).


In 1931, Friedrich Bergius – a Goldschmidt employee from 1914 to 1924 – was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry together with Carl Bosch for his work on coal hydrogenation with the aim of producing petrol in Mannheim-Rheinau independently of crude oil.

In 1969, the production of ammonium thiosulphate as a photochemical (fixing salt) began. In 1978, a new plant was built for this purpose (photo shows the view into the production hall shortly after commissioning).


Copper chemicals have been produced at the site for decades. In 1984, the current copper plant was launched, which also recycles residual materials from PCB production and thus closes the material cycle (product advertisement from the 1950s).

From 1989 onwards, an organic chemical technical centre was gradually established, the nucleus of today’s production of organotin catalysts (TEGOKAT product advertising at the turn of the millennium).


Goldschmidt Química de México was founded in 1995. The long-standing production of tin chemicals at the San Luis Potosí site had been repeatedly modernised and expanded, especially after its integration into TIB Chemicals AG.

Series production of basic copper nitrate started in Mannheim in 2000. This raw material for airbag gas generators marked the beginning of a successful cooperation with well-known automotive suppliers in the sensitive area of safety technology.


In 2007, Goldschmidt TIB GmbH Mannheim and Goldschmidt Química de México became the independent TIB Chemicals AG with a new company logo.

Since 2015, TIB Chemicals has finally been flying its own flag in the USA – with the founding of TIB Chemicals Corporation, based in Houston, Texas. Since then, our business with catalysts and process additives in particular has successfully established itself in this important market.


Collaborative partnership

Quality, responsibility, safety – for products as well as for services! The chemistry must be right – especially when it comes to chemicals. Our customers, employees and suppliers can confidently rely on our high standards.

Sustainable into the future

We act in an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable manner! We have been able to withstand all crises for over 150 years. Our employees share in the success of our company and our foundation helps if they are in need. We cover over 50 per cent of our energy needs with self-generated energy.


As an industrial company and as an employer, we are aware of our responsibility.  We are committed to making our actions sustainable in all areas and to meeting the highest possible ethical standards. To live up to this responsibility, we align our corporate actions with our Code of Conduct.

Quality management

Our centrally managed quality management system integrates all employees and locations and forms the basis for an optimal customer and supplier relationship. Our focus is on product quality and delivery readiness as well as on the uncompromising quality of internal and external service processes.

Product service

Our product service provides customers and employees with information about all our products and is responsible for classification and labelling according to CLP/GHS. Further tasks include classification for the transport of dangerous goods, preparation of safety data sheets and labels as well as registration of chemical substances. All the products we sell are compliant with REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006.

Globally represented

Customers around the world rely on our products and services. We are there for you at three locations in Europe and America.


TIB Chemicals S.A. de C.V

Zona Industrial
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TIB Chemicals Corp.

118 Vintage Park Drive #W220
77070 Houston, Texas


TIB Chemicals AG

Mülheimer Straße 16-22
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