What makes us special

As a medium-sized family business, we greatly appreciate the value and contribution of our employees. We are only successful because we work together as a team to reach our goals, support each other and help each other advance.

Transparency in decision-making, short lines of communication and active co-determination are the key elements of our corporate culture.

Advance your career continuously in a modern work environment and get to know employees beyond your own department. Join our growing company now. You are sure to receive recognition for your work and the successes you have achieved.

Our values



We maintain a trusting, open-minded and honest relationship with each other, free from discrimination and favouritism. Equal opportunities based on qualifications and performance are just as important to us as the willingness to take on responsibility.



We understand that we are accountable for our business partners, the environment and the social surroundings. Our decisions are based on facts and comprehensible considerations.


Customer focus

Our thinking and actions are aligned with customers and results. We use this strategic alignment to develop customised added values and innovative solutions.



We act quickly and efficiently. In the event of new market conditions and other changes, we quickly take the initiative to ensure sustainable success for ourselves and our partners.

what our employees have to say

„I love the personal and warm atmosphere within the team and beyond. We maintain a fun, positive work environment and collaborate diligently and ambitiously to tackle complex issues and find advanced solutions.“

Christian Kemptner

Vertriebsmitarbeiter Bitumen

„I completed my training at TIB and I’m grateful that there are so many opportunities for career development here. That’s why I feel such a close bond with this company.“

Aleksandra Ruhland

Executive Assistant

„I’ve been with TIB for eight years. I enjoy the relaxed work atmosphere and the diversity. TIB gives me the opportunity to use my strengths outside my main tasks. For example, I work as a plant paramedic and I’m involved in various projects (Qwiki, Audit Team, GirlsDay planning).“

Jennifer Matthäus

Product Service Specialist