Electronic applications – our products for high-tech uses

Some of our electroplating chemicals are used in electronics, where they serve as base substances for the formulation of baths to precipitate metal and alloy layers in the production and functionalisation of circuit boards, semi-conductor elements and connectors.

It is primarily our metal methane sulphonates that can be used for the formulation of electroplating baths in the electronics sector. It was our customers’ interest in lead-free plumbs that once led to the development of such electrolytes. We have accompanied our customers here right from the start and do so even before applicable European and international guidelines take effect.

We also provide very pure tin, copper and nickel salts for classic plating baths in the electronics sector. These products are dependably pure, which facilitates their use in such sensitive application environments.


Tin(II) methane sulphonate solution 220 g/l, 300 g/l und 400 g/l Sn
Copper(II) methane sulphonate solution up to 125/l Cu, ca. 50 g/l free acid
Silver(I) methane sulphonate solution up to 275 g/l Ag, ca. 50 g/l free acid
Bismuth(III) methane sulphonate solution 210 g/l Bi, 100–200 g/l free acid
Cobalt(II) methane sulphonate solution 120 g/l Co, ca. 10 g/l free acid
Indium(III) methane sulphonate solution 120 g/l In, ca. 30 g/l free acid
Tin(II) sulphate crystalline and as a solution 125 g/l Sn
TIB SpeedPlate formulation for the  acidic tin plating of copper and copper alloy surfaces based upon tin sulphate
Copper(II) oxide EPG very pure replenisher for copper baths in circuit board production
Sulphuric acid up to 98 %
Methane sulphonic acid 70 %
TIB Suract ETG 2,2-Ethylendithiodiethanole
TIB Suract TPB/TPB 10 solubilised benzalacetone 3 %/10 %
TIB Suract DRY modified fatty amide in an aqueous solution
TIB Lux OV/OV 21 peroxide stabiliser
TIB SpeedPlate Plus additive for dip-tinning baths
Thio urea powder
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