Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics – our contribution

In the pharmaceutical industry, our copper chemicals are primarily used to produce vitamins and in catalytic processes. In the cosmetics industry, a number of zinc compounds are used.

When producing vitamins, our copper (II) chloride solution with its catalytic function is used. Here, a high purity level is mandatory, which we attain by using very pure copper metal to begin with.

What is also used are our copper(II) oxides and our solid copper chlorides.

Zinc carbonate is used in pharmaceutical preparations because it features its own fungicides and zinc is anti-septic.

Our alkaline zinc carbonate is separately used in transparent, skin-friendly sunscreen agents.

Pharmaceutical products & cosmetics

Copper(II) chloride solution concentrations upon request
Copper(II) chloride dihydrate ca. 37 % Cu, crystalline
Copper(I) chloride pearls ca. 64 % Cu, fine pearls
Copper (II) acetate monohydrate ca. 32 % Cu
Zinc chloride pharma grade > 99 % Zn
Zinc hydroxide carbonate BET > 40 m2/g, D50 < 6µm
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