Zinc chemicals

Zinc chemicals – for a wide range of applications

TIB Chemicals is one of the largest manufacturers of zinc chemicals in Europe. Our standard product portfolio includes, in liquid and solid form, zinc chloride compounds in various mix ratios and with or without additives, and a number of other compounds. The bulk of our zinc chloride is used in our own production of fluxes for the galvanising industry.

Zinc is an important trace element and raw material for various applications.

Our zinc chloride solution is available in various concentrations and qualities and can be used for various applications like the production of plastic, in water treatment and for catalysts, for example.

Our zinc chloride powder is used in the chemical industry and for water and surface treatment and in fluxes based upon zinc ammonium chloride.

Zinc bromide is mainly used in petroleum production as a so-called “completion fluid“.

Zinc nitrate is used in electroplating, agriculture and acetate fibre dying.

Zinc carbonate, also zinc hydroxide carbonate, is used, for example, in the production of rubber and bitumen or for sunscreen agents. It is also used as an activator in sulphur and thiuram vulcanisation as a vulcanisation agent, in carboxylated rubbers and as an activator in latex diving articles. It is also used as the basis for the production of zinc oxide.

Zinc acetate is used in the production of wood preservation products, catalysts and other zinc salts.

We provide our customers with customised product variants including exclusive toll-manufacture.

Zinc chemicals

Zinc chlorides anhydride ca. 96 %, 97 %, 98 % Zinc chloride
Zinc chloride solution TG1 ca. 40 % ZnCl2 plain
Zinc chloride solution TG2 ca. 40 % ZnCl2 premium
Zinc chloride solution TG3.50 ca. 50 % ZnCl2
Zinc chloride solution TG3.60 ca. 60 % ZnCl2
Zinc chloride solution TG3.65 ca. 65 % ZnCl2
Zinc chloride solution TG3.65S ca. 65 % ZnCl2 special quality
Zinc chloride solution TG4.1 ca. 40 % ZnCl2 special quality
Zinc chloride solution TG4.2 ca. 40 % ZnCl2 special quality
Zinc chloride solution TG C ca. 40 % ZnCl2 plain quality
Zinc bromide powder and solution with 1100 g/l
Zinc acetate powder
Zinc hydroxide carbonate BET > 40 m2/g, D50 < 6µm
Zinc nitrate solution with 680 g/l
Zinc ammonium carbonate complex 35 % solution
Zinc citrate powder
TIB Flux D standard double salt
TIB Flux T standard triple salt
TIB Flux 60 premium flux
TIB Flux 60 pH acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux 60 pH + very acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux 60 Ferrokill patented iron-precipitating flux
TIB Flux 60 Ferrokill + patented very iron-precipitating flux
TIB Flux LF10 low-smoke flux with 10 % ammonium chloride
TIB Flux LF10 pH + low-smoke flux, very acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux LF20 low-smoke flux with 20 % ammonium chloride
TIB Flux LF20 pH + low-smoke flux, very acid-neutralising flux
TIB Flux AP - range special flux for aluminium-alloy meltings
TIB Flux S range special flux for special applications
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