Zinc chloride

Zinc chloride anhydride ZnCl2 (CAS # 7646-85-7) from TIB Chemicals

Zinc chloride anhydride is a white, crystalline, delinquent, water-soluble solid with the formula ZnCl2 belongs to the class of inorganic compounds known as transition metal chlorides. These are inorganic compounds which contain the largest halogen atom chlorine and, as the heaviest metal atom, have a transition metal.

TIB Chemical's many years of experience in the manufacture of zinc chloride guarantees that you, our customer, will receive only high-quality, low-contaminated, free-flowing zinc chloride in crystalline powder form.

Other German names for zinc chloride are:

  • Hydrochloric acid zinc salt
  • Zinc butter
  • Zinc (II) chloride
  • zinc chloride

Internationally common names are:

  • Zinc chloride (USA and UK)
  • Dichlorozinkat
  • Zinc dichloride (USA und UK)
  • Zinc Butter
  • Cloruro de Cinc (Spanien und Lateinamerika)
  • Dicloruro de Zinc (Spanien und Lateinamerika)
  • Chlorur de Zinc (Frankreich)
  • Cloruro di Zinco (Italien)


IUPAC name: zinc dichloride
Appearance: cream to white powder
pH in solution: 2.5 - 5
Solubility in water: 4320 g / l
LSolubility in alcohol: 4300 g / l
Melting point: 290 ° C
Coordination geometry: tetrahedral
Odour: Odourless
Density: 2.907 g / cm3


Salary: At least 96%
Formulate: ZnCl2
Other: corrosive; hygroscopic
Molecular weight: 136.315
CAS No.: 7646-85-7
RID ADR: UN 2331 8 / PGIII
EG number: 231-592-0
Geruch: Geruchlos
Reach: 01-2119472431-44-XXX


ZnCl2: At least 96%
ZnO: <0,3%
NH4: <0,6%
Ca: <0,25%
Na: <0,1%
SO4: <0,1%
Cd: <10 ppm
Cu: <2 ppm
Fe: <10 ppm
Pb: <10 ppm
H2O: <0,3%

TIB zinc chloride anhydride is anhydrous due to our complex manufacturing process and has an orthorhombic crystal structure, whereas the Zn2 + ions are tetrahedral coordinated to four chloride ions unlike the other polymorphic forms. The covalent character of the anhydrous material is indicated by its relatively low melting point of 275 ° C.

TIB zinc chloride is available in various purity grades and specifications, in standard technical grade, free from heavy metal contamination such as nickel, lead, cadmium, copper and thallium, or low oxychloride, free of nitrogenous compounds or organic contaminants.

The production process of TIB Chemicals is extremely environmentally friendly, with a high dependency on secondary raw materials that secure or conserve natural resources.

However, TIB Chemicals customers do not need to worry about the manufacturing process. We guarantee that our products are absolutely pure and fully in accordance with our specifications.

TIB Chemicals Zinc chloride is used in a variety of applications such as zinc-carbon batteries as an electrolyte in fluxes for galvanizing, brazing and tinning. In the petrochemical industry as an excellent emulsion breaker and "completion" solutions, in the water treatment as a special corrosion inhibitor, as a catalyst or catalyst precursor, in ore processing as a flotation agent, as a wood preservative, in the chemical industry in the production of methylene chloride, glue, diazo dyes , Paper, cosmetics, artificial silk, synthetic fibres e.g. Nylon, disinfectants and fire foams, in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

If you are interested in zinc chloride then TIB Chemicals is the right address for you and your company. Our philosophy is to align ourselves as much as possible with the interests and requirements of our customers. The quality of our products is the focus, but everything else is flexible. Therefore, the quantity and delivery form of the chemicals we produce can be adapted to their needs. If you have any questions about our zinc chloride anhydride or if you are interested in signing up with us, you can clarify everything with our customer service and sales team. We look forward to you!

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