Nickel chemicals

Nickel chemicals – safely produced and used

TIB Chemicals’ nickel salts and solutions are only made from very pure raw metal. They thus meet the electroplating, electronic and catalysis industries’ very high standards. The Hagen production site is fully in line with all the industrial safety and environmental protection regulations pertaining to the production of nickel chemicals.

TIB Chemicals AG’s nickel portfolio covers a wide area. With nitrate, sulphate and chloride, it comprises strong acids’ salts, and with acetate, phosphate and sulphamate also the salts of weak acids. The portfolio is made complete by nickel hydroxide carbonate, which we provide in various drying degrees.

TIB Chemicals AG’s nickel products are mostly used for electroplating. This extends from the corrosion protection of metal surfaces and decorative layers of nickel on metal-plated plastics to electronics. A permanently small range of disruptive elements in our nickel chemicals aside, we provide our customers with customised product variants for an exclusive toll-manufacture of complete bath formulations.

And our nickel chemicals are also used in heterogeneous catalysis and for the production of pigments. In our production processes, we see to stable conditions so that we can guarantee reproducible solid-body properties like particle size and specific surfaces.

Nickel chemicals

Nickel sulphate crystalline and as a solution 9–10 % Ni
Nickel chloride crystalline and as a solution 13–14 % Ni
Nickel nitrate crystalline and as a solution, up to 14 % Ni
Nickel hydroxide carbonate dust-free or as a powder, up to 48 % Ni
Nickel acetate crystalline
Nickel sulphamate  solution 11–12 % Ni
Nickel phosphate solution 9 % Ni
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