Process additives

TIB KAT – indispensable process additives that meet the highest standards

Plastic processing requires a lot of know-how and high-quality additives. The latter are an indispensable part of many plastic compounds. After all, they help stabilising and dying the polymers or lend them extra properties.

TIB Chemicals sells select additives that are geared to plastic processing. To cross-link thermoplastic vulcanizates, we have TIB Blend 98, for example, a cross-linking catalyst based upon tin(II) chloride with much flowability and a low agglutination propensity. This make for easy dosing and a smooth running of the plant.

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TIB Chemicals AG is an internationally orientated medium-sized chemical company. We provide our customers with a wide range of products and customised solutions in basic chemicals, inorganic speciality chemicals and coating systems.