TIB KAT® – a worldwide high-quality catalyst trademark

The requirements placed upon modern catalysts are getting ever more complex in all fields of application. Catalysts are not only to make possible a specific reaction profile for the various applications but also meet low-toxicity and ecological specifications.

In order to meet all these standards, TIB Chemicals always develops its TIB KAT® products further. In close cooperation with our customers we prepare very individual, customised solutions to meet the respective standards. Here, we benefit from our many years of experience with all the raw materials, production processes and conditions of use and our knowledge of the latest developments of knew formulations. TIB KAT® has now become a real high-quality special catalyst trademark on a global scale.

TIB Chemicals always rises to this challenge – again and again. We want to remain our customers’ contact when it comes to the development of catalysts for very special applications and to adapt them to the ever changing market conditions.

Heterogeneous catalysis is a form of catalysis in which the catalyst and the reacting substances of a chemical reaction are present in different phases, for example as gas and solid or as immiscible liquids. Almost all chemical products have come into contact with a heterogeneous catalyst at some point. TIB Chemicals has developed a range of heterogeneous catalysts based on the precious metals palladium (CAS 7440-05-3) and platinum (CAS 7440-06-4). Activated carbon serves as the catalyst carrier. These powder catalysts show high catalytic activity in the hydrogenation of alkenes, aldehydes, ketones, nitriles or nitro compounds. They are also used to remove protecting groups such as the Cbz protecting group through hydrogenolysis.

TIB KAT® products are primarily used for:

  • Oleo chemistry
  • Binders
  • Paints and coatings
  • Adhesives and sealing materials
  • Polymer processing
  • Heterogeneous catalysis

Inorganic tin catalysts

TIB KAT 129 Stannous octoate
TIB KAT P 129 TIB KAT 129 – powder blend
TIB KAT 160 Stannous oxalate
TIB KAT 162 Stannous chloride, anhydrous
TIB KAT 188 Stannous oxide
TIB Blend 98 SnC12 dihydrate on silica vehicle

Organotin catalysts

TIB KAT 208 Dioctyltin di(2-hexylhexanoate)-solution
TIB KAT 214 Dioctyltin dithioglycolate
TIB KAT 216 Dioctyltin dilaurate (DOTL)
TIB KAT P 216 TIB KAT 216 – powder blend
TIB KAT 217 Dioctyltin oxide blend
TIB KAT 218 Dibutyltin dilaurate (DBTL)
TIB KAT 220 Monobutyl tin tris-(2-ethylhexanoate)
TIB KAT 223 Dioctyltin diketanoate
TIB KAT 226 Dibutyltin diketanoate
TIB KAT 226 V80 TIB KAT 226/VTMO blend
TIB KAT 229 Dioctyltin diacetate (DOTA)
TIB KAT 232 Dioctyltin oxide (DOTO)
TIB KAT 233 Dibutyltin diacetate (DBTA)
TIB KAT 233 S Modified dibutyltin diacetate (DBTA)
TIB KAT 248 Dibutyltin oxide (DBTO)
TIB KAT 248 LC Dibutyltin oxide, special (DBTO)
TIB KAT 250 Monobutyltin dihydroxychloride
TIB KAT 251 Organotin oxide


TIB KAT 300  

Monobutyltin oxide (MBTO)

Dimethyltin carboxylate

TIB KAT 318 Dioctyltin  dicarboxylate
TIB KAT 320 Dioctyltin carboxylate
TIB KAT 324 Dioctyltin  stannoxane
TIB KAT 410 Dioctyltin – plasticiser complex 
TIB KAT 417 Dioctyltin – silane complex
TIB KAT 422 Dioctyltin – silane complex
TIB KAT 423 Dioctyltin – silane complex
TIB KAT 424 Dibutyltin plasticiser complex

Dioctyltin – silane complex

Zinc catalysts

TIB KAT 616 Zinc neodecanoate
TIB KAT 620 Zinc octoate
TIB KAT 623 Zinc acetylacetonate
TIB KAT 634 Zinc oxalate
TIB KAT 635 Zinc acetate

Bismuth catalysts

TIB KAT 716 Bismuth carboxylate
TIB KAT 716 LA Bismuth carboxylate
TIB KAT 716 XLA Bismuth carboxylate
TIB KAT 718 Modified bismuth catalyst
TIB KAT 720 Bismuth carboxylate

Metal catalysts & CO siccative agents

TIB KAT K15 Potassium octoate/DEG
TIB KAT 804 Copper oleate
TIB KAT 808 Copper naphtenate
TIB KAT 812 Ceroctoate
TIB KAT 815 Iron acetylacetonate
TIB KAT 816 Zirconium octoate

Acid catalysts

TIB KAT MSA Methane sulphonic acid 70 %
TIB KAT MSA 99 Methane sulphonic acid 99 %
TIB KAT SP Methane sulphonic acid modified
TIB KAT MP Blocked methane sulphonic acid
TIB KAT HES 70 Hydroxyethane sulphonic acid 70 %
TIB KAT SSSA Na-sulphosuccinate
TIB KAT S40 Sulphosuccinic acid 40 %
TIB KAT S70 Sulphosuccinic acid 70 %

Filter aids & adsorption materials

TIB Tinex P Natural alumino silicate

Monomers & additives

TIB AOA 2 Antioxidant
TIB SI 2000 OH-funct., activ. polydimethylsiloxane
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