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Product safety and REACH

A main demand of the public to the chemicals industry is not only legally compliance but to produce, handle and use all chemical substances under safe conditions.

Our Product Service department is responsible for the classification and labelling of our products in accordance with CLP/GHS, the classification of dangerous goods for transportation, the preparation of safety data sheets and labels as well as the registration of chemical substances. It is also the informing department on all our products, both inside and outside of our company.

REACH compliance at TIB Chemicals

All our products are compliant with REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006. If subject to this regulation, chemical substances used by us, have been registered accordingly or have been purchased and/or used before the end of the deadline of the registration period. So-called “substances of very high concern” (SVHC) and candidates for Annexes XIV or XVII of REACH are listed in Section 3 of the safety data sheet enclosed with such products in which they are included to an amount of ≥ 0.1 %.


All products regarded as dangerous according to CLP are labelled accordingly. And transportation classification is – where necessary –  in line with corresponding regulations concerning the mode of transport used (road, rail, inland waterways, maritime traffic, air freight and DOT/49CFR).


You have product-specific questions regarding REACH or product safety? Please get in touch with your usual contact or ask our Product Service department, giving the respective article number:

Phone: +49 621 8901-710

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