For Hot-Dip Galvanizing

For Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Besides inorganic products, the TIB Chemicals product range includes a number of organic intermediates. They are mainly used by our customers in the galvanising/electroplating industry as additives for their own formulations. In addition, we offer ready-to-use solutions based on our own formulations for special applications – especially in hot-dip galvanising. Here, we complement our product range with service and advice on bath maintenance and analytics. As a leading supplier of high-performance process additives, we continuously improve the performance of our products in order to stay one step ahead as a global technology leader. High flexibility and close relationships with our customers combined with comprehensive development expertise enable us to leverage the full potential in toxicology and sustainability. A global listing of TIB process additives paves the way for us to reach international business partners, whom we can support at any time with technical application issues.

Tade name Description Chem. formula CAS No.

TIB Additive F Dry

- -

Drying improvement for Flux - -

TIB Additive F Ferraxal

- -

Flux additive for iron precipitation - -

TIB Additive F Neutraliser

- -

Flux additive for pH correction - -

TIB Additive F Wet

- -

Wetting additive for flux beams - -

TIB Additive H Foamkill

- -

Foam reduction in pickling baths - -

TIB Additive H Fumekill

- -

Reduces outgassing from pickling baths - -

TIB Clean A 101

- -

High-temperature alkaline degreasing - -

TIB Clean A 101-SC

Cleaning booster for alkaline degreaser

TIB Clean A 300

Low temperature alkaline degreaser

TIB Clean H 400

Acid degreasing

TIB Clean H 500

- -

Acid degreasing - mixed acid base - -

TIB Clean H 501

- -

Acid degreasing - replenishment agent for H 500 - -

TIB Clean H 600

- -

Acid degreasing - HCl base - -

TIB Clean H AD01

- -

Pickling degreasing - -

TIB Finish CH03

- -

Chromium(III) - based passivating agent - -

TIB Finish CH06

Chromium(VI) - based passivating agent

TIB Finish Polycoat

- -

Organic passivating agent - -

TIB inhibitor Premium

- -

Pickling inhibitor - non-foaming - -

TIB Inhibitor Standard

- -

Pickling inhibitor - foaming - -

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