Sealent coatings

PRODORAL® Sealent coatings for use in domestic gas transport pipelines

PRODORAL® R6-1 is a solvent-free plastic dispersion that can be used as a sealant in the case of leaking threaded connections, up to a leakage rate of up to 5l/h, and is easy to apply. The sealant penetrates the leaking threaded connections by filling the gas line under pressure. The seal is resistant to vibrations and to the media present in the pipes.

The sealant recovered after filling can be reused if handled correctly. With proper treatment, the pipes are gas-tight immediately after emptying and can be put back into operation immediately after drying. The material complies with DIN EN 13090 and is approved under the DIN-DVGW registration number NG-5153AR0634 as a "means for the subsequent sealing of threaded connections in gas inner pipes" by means of a single filling.

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PRODORAL® Sealing R6-1

Thread sealing for gas inner pipes

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