Pigments & ceramics

Ceramic products – copper and nickel chemicals for dying processes and colours

Regarding pigments, our copper and nickel chemicals effect various colours in various formulations. These are used in varnishes, ceramic and enamel products.

In the production of inorganic pigments, mainly copper and nickel hydroxide carbonates and copper(II) oxides are used.

As part of vitamin production our copper (II) chloride solution with catalytic function is applied. A low degree of impurities (a high degree of purity) is mandatory, which we achieve through the use of very pure copper metal as a starting raw material.

However, these substances, plus copper hydroxide, can also be used as pigments for varnishes in the production of ceramics in order to see certain colour changes.

The most important criteria for this kind of application are the physical properties of these metal salts, especially the particle size distribution and good pourability, and the prevention of agglomerates to handle and for the function of mixtures. 

Pigments & ceramics

Copper(II) hydroxide carbonate ca. 55 % Cu, bulk density > 1.5 g/cm3
Copper(II) hydroxide carbonate wet ca. 47 % Cu, residual moisture ca. 12 %
Copper(II) hydroxide ca. 64 % Cu
Copper(II) oxide ca. 78 % Cu
Nickel hydroxide carbonate dust-free or as a powder, up to 48 % Ni
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