Heterogeneous catalysis

Catalytic processes – copper and nickel compounds by TIB Chemicals

In homogeneous catalysis, the catalyst is dissolved in the reaction mixture. In heterogeneous catalysis, however, the reaction mixture flows over a catalytic load. TIB Chemicals provides copper and nickel compounds for both applications.

Typical homogeneous catalytic processes are:

  • Hydration
  • Oligomerisation of olefins

These are used in, for example, fine chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, the production of polyamides or the food industry (fat curing). Typical heterogeneous processes are:

  • Hydration/dehydration
  • Hydro cracking
  • Steam reforming
  • Cleaning processes (gas – liquid catalysts)
  • Müller-Rochow synthesis

These processes are used in the petrochemical sector, in fine chemistry and in the pharmaceutical industry.

TIB Chemicals here provides various copper and nickel chemicals, some of which have to meet very strict chemical specifications and have special physical properties, like our copper (II) oxide HSSA with a high specific surface.

Heterogeneous/homogenous catalysis

Copper (II) hydroxide carbonate ca. 55 % Cu, bulk density > 1.5 g/cm3
Copper (II) chloride-dihydrate ca. 37 % Cu, crystalline and as a solution
Copper (II) chloride anhydrous ca. 47 % Cu, residual moisture < 1 %, crystalline
Copper (II) chloride pearls ca. 64 % Cu, fine pearls
Copper (II) nitrate-hemipentahydrate ca. 27 % Cu, technical grade crystalline and as a solution
Copper (II) acetate-monohydrate ca. 32% Cu
Copper (II) oxide HSSA BET > 60 m2/g
Nickel nitrate-hexahydrate crystalline and as a solution, up to 14 % Ni
Nickel hydroxide carbonate dust-free or as a powder, up to 48 % Ni
Nickel chloride-hexahydrate crystalline and as a solution, up to 14 % Ni
Nickel acetate-tetrahydrate powder, up to 24 % Ni
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