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Our products for building materials are based upon tin sulphate as a substance to reduce the natural level of chrome(VI) species in cement and mortar formulations.

Tin sulphate can permanently reduce chrome(VI) substances in cement down to the much less hazardous chrome (III) species and immobilise them. This is what makes our substance different from other agents like iron sulphate, which can only achieve a temporary reduction because they have nothing to counteract the atmosphere’s re-oxygenating effect.

Pure tin sulphate for producers of pre-mixes aside, our REDOX product group also includes formulations based upon that substance. These mixtures are characterised by an optimised flowability, which makes dosing them easier and permits an efficient use.

Construction chemicals

Tin(II)-sulphate crystalline and as a solution 125 g/l Sn
Redox S10 chromate reducer for cement and mortar
Redox S25 chromate reducer for cement and mortar
Redox S50 chromate reducer for cement and mortar
Redox S80 chromate reducer for cement and mortar
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