Automotive industry – safe with airbag chemicals

In the automotive industry, safety is central. This also includes pyrotechnical gas generators for airbags. For this field of application, TIB Chemicals produces special chemicals and has all the know-how it needs to be able to provide the automotive industry with perfect solutions.

Regarding components of propellants for airbags’ gas generators, the focus is upon basic copper nitrate (BCN), which is one of the main components and supplies the oxygen, a very important function. Here, what is needed are special physical properties like a special particle size, surface structure and bulk density.

TIB Chemicals produces two different types, with the main difference lying in their bulk density.

Copper(II) oxide special ultrafine is a similarly complex product and, as part of the propellant in the gas generator, responsible for a complete burn-off of the ignited mixture. Copper(II) oxide special ultrafine has special physical properties and a high specific surface for better catalytic reactions and a fine grain size.


Copper(II) oxide “special“ ultrafine ca. 78 % Cu, BET > 8 m2/g
Basic copper nitrate, compacted ca. 53 % Cu, bulk density > 0.5 g/cm3
Basic copper nitrate, uncompacted ca. 53 % Cu, bulk density < 0.4 g/cm3
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