Organic chemicals

Organic chemicals – organic intermediates and formulations

Our organic chemicals comprise both intermediates and mixtures. It thus completes our range of inorganic base substances in an appropriate fashion, for surface technology in particular. We have a wide range of organic, functional additives. These products are used in the electroplating and hot-dip galvanising industry. Our products range from various cleaners to process additives.

Organic intermediates, surfactants in particular, are important raw materials for the formulation of electroplating baths and for hot-dip galvanising, where they serve as grain refiners, brighteners or solubilisers for other bath components.

Our ready-to-use formulations include the correct ratio of components for certain applications in the electroplating sector and in hot-dip galvanising, here primarily for the pre-treatment and finishing of plated components.

Our TIB Stanal product group forms a complete process chemicals portfolio for the chemical tinning of aluminium components, including pre-treatment, activation, plating and finishing treatment. The method is mostly used in engine piston production.

For hot-dip galvanising, we have four product segments:

  • TIB Clean – a highly effective cleaner for dipping processes, both alkaline and acidic
  • TIB Additive – highly efficient process additives like surfactants, drying aids and other bath care additives
  • TIB Inhibitor – a pickling additive to control acid attacks on metal
  • TIB Finish – organic passivations to keep a shiny, galvanised surface in that condition for a long time

Organic chemicals

TIB Suract A25 Di-4-Methyl-2-amylestersulphosuccinate
TIB Suract A40 Diisoamylestersulphosuccinate
TIB Suract B30 P Polysiloxanbetaine
TIB Suract B35 Cocoamidopropylaminoxide
TIB Suract B38 C Capryl/Caprinamidopropylbetaine
TIB Suract B40 Capryliminodipropionate
TIB Suract N19 Fatty alcohol ethoxylate C9–C11, 6 EO
TIB Suract E00 P Polyetherpolysiloxane
TIB Suract ETG 2,2-Ethylendithiodiethanol
TIB Suract TPB/TPB 10 solubilised Benzalacetone 3 %/10 %
TIB Suract NOS 10 Alkylphenolethoxylatsulphate
TIB Suract Trigonellin Niacin betaine
TIB Suract DRY Modified fatty amide in an aqueous solution
TIB Suract CR-H Aqueous formulation, contains surfactants
TIB Suract AC 101 Oily amide ethanolpolyethoxylate
TIB Suract L 101 Aqueous formulation, contains surfactants 
TIB Lux OV/OV 21 Peroxide stabiliser
TIB Lux NPS Sulphonated naphtholpolyether
TIB Lux BN 13 Naphtholethoxylate
TIB Stanno Plus Additive for the electrolytic dying of aluminium
TIB SpeedPlate Plus Additive for immersion tin plating baths
TIB Stanal DG Cleaner concentrate for alkaline degreasing
TIB Stanal DG-B Surfactant mix as a booster for alkaline degreasing baths
TIB Stanal CP Additive for nitric acid pickling baths
TIB Stanal CL Additive for sulphuric acid pickling baths
TIB Stanal TP Additive for immersion tin plating
Thio-urea Powder
Potassium methane disulphonate Crystalline
TIB Clean A 101 Alkaline cleaner – emulsifying
TIB Clean A 200 Self-separating cleaner
TIB Clean A 700 Alkaline cleaner in powder form
TIB Clean H 300 Iron-chloride-based cleaner
TIB Clean H 400 Phosphate cleaner
TIB Clean H 500 Acidic cleaner
TIB Clean H 501 Regenerator for TIB Clean H 500
TIB Clean H 800 Inhibited cleaning additive extra-strong for pickling baths
TIB Clean H 900 Inhibited cleaning additive for pickling baths
TIB Clean H AD01 Premium cleaning additive for pickling baths
TIB Clean H AD02 Standard cleaning additive for pickling baths
TIB Inhibitor Standard Pickling inhibitor
TIB Inhibitor Premium Pickling inhibitor
TIB Inhibitor Low Foam Pickling inhibitor
TIB Inhibitor Eco Pickling inhibitor
TIB Additive F Dry Drying aid
TIB Additive F Wet Surface-modified additive
TIB Additive F Ferrexal Removes iron from flux baths
TIB Additive F Neutraliser pH correction for flux baths
TIB Additive H Foamkill Anti-foam
TIB Additive H Fumekill Prevents the fumigation of hydrochloric baths
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