TIB Clean H 501, product number 303685

The goal of cleaning components and components is to effectively remove dirt and contaminants from the part surface. Pure degreasing is no longer sufficient for today's cleanliness requirements - especially with regard to particulate impurities.

TIB Clean H 501 is a concentrated regeneration additive based on a mixture of inorganic acids and special inhibitors for use with TIB Clean H 500.

In the cleaning step, particle contaminants as well as fats, oils and emulsions must be effectively removed from the surface of the parts in order to achieve the required surface condition or surface cleanliness from the subsequent process step.

TIB Clean H 501 controls and eliminates the problem of floating impurities in TIB Clean H 500 cleaning baths and thus fulfills all requirements for an effective cleaning process.

TIB Clean H 501 is extremely economical - it extends the life of the bath and reduces the need to replace older TIB Clean H 500 baths.

The advantages of TIB Clean are obvious:© Todd Arena/123rf.com

·         Concentrated liquid
·         Control of floating impurities
·         Easy handling
·         Low operating concentration
·         Extended service life for TIB Clean H 500 baths

The product is a clear liquid with a density of 1.4 g / ml at a solution pH of 1.5-2. TIB Clean 501 is available in 200 l drums of 230 kg or 1,000 l IBCs of 1,200 kg each.

TIB Clean H 501 has a shelf life of about 1 year in closed containers in cool, dry storage. TIB Clean H 501 must be stored away from frost.

TIB Clean H 501 is used together with TIB Clean H 500 in a ratio of 1: 1.

TIB Chemicals recommends regular monitoring of pH and acid concentrations. To do this, you can use the "galvanizer analysis methods" provided by TIB. However, a regular laboratory analysis is recommended. The acid concentration when using TIB Clean H 500 and TIB Clean H 501 should be kept as stable as possible.

TIB Clean H 500 can be used in conjunction with TIB Clean H 501. Please refer to the product data sheet of TIB Clean H 501 for more information.

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