TIB Clean H 500, product number 303686

Degreasers (sometimes also called cleaners) are used in various forms; they are usually used for the pretreatment of parts prior to industrial processing.

TIB Clean H 500 is a concentrated mixed acid degreaser with special surfactants and inhibitors specifically developed for use in the hot dip galvanizing industry. Used at low concentrations, TIB Clean H 500 forms an extremely effective cleaning bath that efficiently removes a variety of oils.

TIB Clean H 500 is extremely economical, has a long bath life and low operating temperatures of 20 - 35 ° C. TIB Clean H 500 does not require a sink before pickling and can reduce pickling times in subsequent baths.

The benefits of TIB Clean H 500 are:© jarous/123rf.com

  • Removes a variety of oils
  • Easy handling
  • Low operating concentration
  • Low operating temperature

The product is a clear liquid with a density of 1.31 g / ml at a solution pH of 1-2. TIB Clean H 500 is available in 200 l drums of 230 kg or 1,000 l IBCs of 1,350 kg each, TIB Clean H 500 has a shelf life of about 1 year in closed containers. However, the storage temperature must not fall below 0 ° C.

The concentration of TIB Clean H 500 in the degreasing bath should be between 1.0 - 4.0%, ideally 3.0%, which corresponds to a concentration of 30 g / l. The optimum application temperature is between 20 - 35 ° C, ideally 30 ° C. The treatment time of the parts is typically 10 minutes.

During treatment, TIB Chemicals recommends regular monitoring of pH and acid levels. To do this, you can use the "galvanizer analysis methods" provided by TIB. However, a regular laboratory analysis is recommended. The concentration of TIB Clean H 500 should be kept as stable as possible. If the concentration of TIB Clean H 500 in the bath has fallen too low over time, it can be boosted with fresh solution. Please first determine the acidity and give product only when needed. TIB Clean H 500 can be used in conjunction with TIB Clean H 501. Please refer to the product data sheet of TIB Clean H 501 for more information.

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