Stoving varnishes

PROTEFAN® stoving varnishes – surface protection for drum linings

PROTEFAN® stoving varnishes are used for the inner lining of drums. They are very resistant against acids, salts and saline solutions, fertilisers, solvents, oils, greases, foodstuffs and water. They are also food-grade.

PROTEFAN® stoving varnishes are characterised by a cost-efficient workability and excellent application properties.

PROTEFAN® stoving varnishes are stoved at 220 °C and fulfil a control function by changing their colour from light-grey to olive-green-brown. This makes for the coating systems’ excellent application properties.


Protefan stoving varnishes 10-1 10-1
Viscosity DIN 4mm cup 150 sec 150 sec
Sp. gr. g/cm³ 1.28 1.25
Stoving times 220-240 °C
Post-stoving colour olive-green / matt brown / shiny
Flash point ‹ 21 °C › 21 °C
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