Thermal curing systems

PROTEFAN® dipping pastes and stoving varnishes – permanent protection of valuable surfaces

TIB Chemicals has produced the tried and tested thermal curing PROTEFAN® hot-dip pastes for a permanent protection of surfaces in the tool-making and electroplating industry and PROTEFAN® stoving varnishes for the inner lining of drum linings for more than 40 years now.

PROTEFAN® Plastisols are applied by the dipping or casting method onto the electroplating frames, tools or technical moulded articles like pulse dampers and then thermally cured. Depending upon the production process and the selected product, all mechanical and optical specifications can be met.

PROTEFAN® stoving varnishes are used as the protective inner lining of drum linings and containers and applied by using the spray method, centrifugal spray method or rolls.

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