Dipping pastes

PROTEFAN® dipping pastes – surface protection for industrial production

PROTEFAN® dipping pastes are used as permanent protective coatings in the tool-making and electroplating industry. They are heat-resistant and impact-proof and withstand acids and chemicals and are very elastic. PROTEFAN® dipping pastes can be applied to all metal surfaces and even to glass.

PROTEFAN® dipping pastes are used as decorative and functional coatings in many fields of application.

A PROTEFAN® coating provides the following advantages:

  • Withstands temperatures from –20 °C to +90 °C and, for short periods, even 190 °C
  • Insulation of tools of up to 1 kV
  • Abrasion-proof and decorative protective coatings
  • Excellent leakage and shatter protection
  • A longer service life of electroplating plants and equipment
  • Easy and efficient application
  • Layers 1 to 5 mm thick

Systems that provide insulation and deep-pore protection or products with a wide range of surfaces, e.g. smooth/rough, shiny/matt, aside, we also produce, by chemical foaming,  foam plastisols for lid sealings or coatings with damping properties. 

The PROTEFAN® products’ excellent properties like high chemical and mechanical stability, anti-static protection and a decorative look provide solutions for a huge number of applications.


Surface shiny Surface shiny
and deflective
Surface slightly
Surface shiny
thinner viscosity
Surface shiny
and anti-slip
Surface shiny
transparent and
PROTEFAN® dipping pastes 4300 4300 AS 4350 4011 4260 4050
Viscosity 23 °C/mPas 1500 1400 1800 1200 1200 2000
Sp. gr. g/cm³ 1.17 1.2 1.16 1.2 1.2 1.19
Hardness shore A 70 70 70 70 60 75
Stoving time [
180 - 190  180 - 190  180 - 190  180 - 190  180 - 190  180 - 190 
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