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PRODORAL® R6-1 and PRODORAL® H – no gas or heating leakage

PRODORAL® R6-1 is the product most frequently used to repair leaky threaded joints in gas pipes. PRODORAL® H permanently seals heating systems with radiators or underfloor heating systems. The sealing process is fast, safe, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. PRODORAL® R6-1 and PRODORAL® H are self-sealing and simply pumped into the pipe.

PRODORAL® R6-1 seals leaks in gas pipes from the inside, from the main shut-off device to the gas meter or the point of use. PRODORAL® R6-1 gets into the leaky threaded connections under pressure. The sealing process only takes a few hours.

PRODORAL® H seals leaks in underfloor heating systems, boilers and radiators. PRODORAL® H can be used in metal or plastic pipes. PRODORAL® H is hand-pumped into the running heating system and then circulates there, sealing the leaks.

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