High-quality bitumen and bitumen products – solutions for various applications

TIB Chemicals possesses decades of experience in the development and production of traffic surface systems. We toll-manufacture more than 180,000 metric tonnes of bitumen (annually). Our offer includes products for leading mineral oil companies, as well as specialties for diverse applications in road construction, building construction and for industrial applications. Our success is guaranteed because we are always fast, reliable and flexible.

High-quality bitumen and bitumen products – solutions for various applications

We produce bitumen standard products in accordance with formulations we have been given and also specialities. We develop modified or new solutions in cooperation with our customers so that they can be successful in the market.

Our products are primarily used in the construction industry, automotive industry, mechanical engineering and plastics industry, e.g.:

  • for the production of bitumen sheets in structural and civil engineering
  • for the production of asphalt mixes in road construction
  • as hard bitumen for tyre production
  • for sealing concrete and asphalt joints in road construction

To keep our customers’ production processes running smoothly, we produce, load and unload 24/7. Our excellent traffic connections permit us to deliver our bitumen products also by tanker, tank wagon or ship.

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