Casting compounds

REINAU® casting compounds – easy to process, for permanent protection

REINAU TIB Chemicals’ casting compounds for joints and crack-filling compounds are hot-casting compounds based upon polymer-modified bitumen. Their elasticity and specific gravity varies and they are very suitable for sealing horizontal and slightly slanted joints of various widths on and in concrete or asphalt traffic surfaces.

Our products are geared to the most diverse fields of application and specifications, e.g. our

REINAU® rail bottom casting and rail joint casting compounds, now well established in rail and track construction.

REINAU® casting compounds meet high chemical and mechanical standards and can be worked with fast and easily.

REINAU® plastic primer:

for a better adhesion of casting compounds.

REINAU® SNV 164 joint casting compound type N2:

to seal asphalt and concrete joints.

REINAU® sett casting compound:

for road construction with interlocking setts. 

REINAU® rail joint casting compound:

for tramway track joints.

REINAU® crack-filling compound:

to repair cracks in the black top.

Our REINAU® products are sold by our partner DENSO GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany.

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