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PROTEGOL® Coatings Cartridge Systems: Best efficiency – Convenient size


Our PROTEGOL® Coatings cartridge systems, processed with a pneumatic dispenser, can either be spray or brush applied. We provide diverse one-coat systems, no priming required, for new oil, gas and water structures or for pipe rehabilitation.

Employing user-friendly economic equipment, excellent results likewise with 2K airless application can be achieved, assuring a quick commissioning or fast return to service.

1 m² of a field joint, fitting or pipe can be coated with just one PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-60 cartridge (DFT 1,500 µm).

Imperfections, caused e.g. by destructive testing, can be repaired within seconds with PROTEGOL® PU Repair. The short curing time of only very few minutes facilitates an extremely quick repair of damages and anew holiday testing after less than 1 hour.

We currently do provide the following PROTEGOL® Coatings cartridge products: PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-45 R, PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-45/55 L, PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-60, PROTEGOL® EP Coating 32-89 S, PROTEGOL® EP Coating 32-89 S/L and PROTEGOL® PU Repair for imperfections.

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