Trainee Days

On April 11 and 12, 2023, our Trainee Days took place for the first time in the breathtaking Altleiningen Castle. The Trainee Days are a great opportunity for our trainees to network with each other and work together as a team. Through various activities, we were able to offer our trainees a varied and exciting program. The PREXT training session, which introduced our trainees to topics such as motivation, motivation and behavior in the company, got everyone thinking. This was followed in the afternoon by a business management game in which the trainees had to assume the position of company management. In order to lead their company to success, they had to go through several annual cycles in order to deepen their knowledge of the business processes in a company. The business game was not only a challenge, but also provided our trainees with a good opportunity to gain an insight into the tasks of our managers. On the second day, a short team-building unit followed by means of an outdoor task in the forest. Here, our trainees were able to improve their teamwork in the task of crossing a rope together without being allowed to touch it. The rest of the day was spent together in the Holiday Park. Here our trainees could have a lot of fun between water slides and roller coasters.