TIB Chemicals AG launches PRODOFIX® HBB 19-3 fire protection system for wood onto the German market

PRODOFIX® HBB 19-3 fire protection system, consisting of an intumescent primer (PRODOFIX® HBB 19-3 Primecoat WB I) and a highly decorative 1K topcoat (PRODOFIX® HBB 19-3 Topcoat WB-I), is water-based and suitable for fast and effective industrial application.

PRODOFIX® HBB 19-3 fire protection system is classified into the highest fire class B - s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1. It is suitable for indoor use, on all types of wood with a min. gross density of 388 kg/m³ and a min. thickness of 8 mm. The topcoat corresponds to Class 1B analog to furniture standard DIN 68861 and meets the requirements of DIN EN 71 Part 3.

The coating material impresses with its very small application quantities, e.g. in a Vacumat or spraying system, and short drying times, and offers decisive speed advantage compared to alternative systems, such as pressure impregnation.

PRODOFIX® HBB 19-3 fire protection system combines efficient technology with decorative surface and the highest protection class for interior wood. In the event of a fire, the time for rescuing people is decisively extended.

The system is suitable for areas such as nursery schools, schools, sports facilities and all public buildings and private households.

SAFETY FIRST! With the fire protection system PRODOFIX® HBB 19-3 by TIB Chemicals AG

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