THE BIG FOUR – Covered by PROTEGOL® 32-60

Picture: PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-60 cartridge application, "the black gold“ on BRUA pipeline in Bulgaria.

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PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-60, manufactured by TIB Chemicals AG, Germany, offers outstanding performance combined with „easy to use“ application.

Due to its great properties, PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-60 fulfills all the requirements of the 4 most important standards in pipeline construction: AWWA C222-18, DIN 3476-2, DIN EN 10290 and DIN EN ISO 21809-3.

With proven track record and highly appreciated by satisfied customers, PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-60 can be easily applied from cartridge or 2K airless equipment (mixing ratio 1:1).

With excellent corrosion protection properties and rapid curing times, PROTEGOL® UR Coating 32-60 stands for extreme durability and extreme resistance to mechanical stress. It delivers best performance in protecting pipes, valves, fittings, tanks and a huge variety of other pipeline related parts.

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