Bike Leasing

TIB now offers the possibility of leasing a bicycle through the company BikeLeasing. As already presented at our info day on 14.04.23, bike leasing offers the possibility to lease a new bike or pedelec for a period of 3 years instead of buying it directly. At the end of the leasing period, the bicycle can be taken over or simply returned. Each employee is entitled to lease up to two bicycles at the same time, whereby both bicycles together may cost a maximum of €15,000. The bicycle can be used privately during the entire leasing period, either for commuting to and from work, as a city bike for leisure time or perhaps the new racing bike for sports. The possibilities are many, because accessories such as saddlebags or bicycle trailers may also be leased. The new bike can be leased at almost any dealer, because you can choose from 6,000 specialized dealers in German-speaking countries. By leasing a bike, you can not only improve your carbon footprint, but also do something for your health. We are convinced that bike leasing is a great offer and are happy if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.