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Did you know April 24 is Corrosion Awareness Day?


Corrosion continues to impose a massive cost on asset owners, the industry and the public sector. According to a NACE International (USA) report, the annual cost of corrosion is more than 3 % of the global GDP, an astonishing US$ 2.5 trillion!

Back in 2010 and to draw attention to this important matter, the World Corrosion Organization initiated the Corrosion Awareness Day, now taking place annually on April 24.

Corrosion management systems therefore need to be integrated with organization policies overall, corrosion management information must be made available to everyone within the organization and linked to its overall goals, and organizational leadership must be actively involved in corrosion management decision making.

TIB Chemicals’ PROTEGOL® Coatings mission is to reduce the impact of corrosion by providing effective anti-corrosion engineering and products and by establishing best practice in the industry thus ensuring health and safety of the community and protection of the environment.

Get in touch with our experts now to learn more about corrosion protection with PROTEGOL® Coatings.

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