The TIB Chemicals Group’s compliance policy

As an industrial company and employer, TIB Chemicals AG knows about its responsibility for the surroundings and locality of where it produces, the environment, whose resources it uses, and also its customers, its partners and its staff.

For that reason, TIB undertakes to act sustainably in all areas and to meet the highest-possible ethical standards. In order to raise to this challenge, TIB has worked out a mission statement, used to underpin its conduct.

The following code of conduct is an integral part of said mission statement and on that basis TIB supports its management’s, staff’s, business partners’ (customers and suppliers in particular) full compliance with the following ethical principles.

Any breach of these principles constitutes such a great breach of trust between TIB and the party responsible that TIB will not be able to accept it.

You can download the full code of conduct here.

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TIB Chemicals AG is an internationally orientated medium-sized chemical company. We provide our customers with a wide range of products and customised solutions in basic chemicals, inorganic speciality chemicals and coating systems.