Heterogenous Catalyst Precursor

Precursors for Heterogeneous Catalysis

In addition to the raw materials, TIB Chemicals also offers precursors to produce heterogeneous catalysts. This includes copper oxide HSSA and zinc oxide HSSA providing an extraordinarily large specific surface area for direct use in catalyst formulations. End users benefit from the high porosity of the HSSA oxides: After reduction of the extruded material in the catalyst bed, it causes a particularly highly dispersed distribution of the metal spots on top of the carrier surface. The more finely distributed these centres of catalytic activity are there, the better is the performance of the heterogeneous catalyst. Zinc oxide HSSA and copper oxide HSSA are excellent active components in catalyst guard beds and absorbers for catalyst poisons, for example to protect precious metal catalysts from deactivation. Typically, they are used in the pre-cleaning of feed gas streams in the advanced crude oil processing. Copper oxide HSSA and zinc oxide HSSA act here directly or in reduced form. In any case, the high specific surface area ensures a large absorption capacity.

Tade name Description Chem. formula CAS No.

Basic copper nitrate

Cu2(NO3)(OH)3 12158-75-7

Cu2(NO3)(OH)3 12158-75-7

Basic copper zinc nitrate


Active ingredient for slow-release foliar fertilizer formulations CuZn(OH)3NO3

Copper (II) oxide HSSA

CuO 1317-38-0

Copper(II) oxide with high specific surface area CuO 1317-38-0

Zinkoxid HSSA

ZnO 1314-13-2

Zinc oxide with high specific surface area ZnO 1314-13-2

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