Zinc chemicals

Zinc chemicals – diverse and sustainable compounds for a wide range of applications

The TIB Chemicals standard product range includes zinc chloride in excellent quality (available in solid and liquid form), zinc hydroxide carbonate and zinc oxides with special physical and chemical properties. A wide range of other zinc compounds is also available, for example bromides, citrates, acetates or nitrates. What is more, we produce zinc ammonium chloride-based fluxes in a wide range of mixing ratios for a broad spectrum of applications in the hot-dip galvanising industry.

Environmentally friendly production and versatility: Zinc chemicals

Zinc is an important trace element and a significant raw material for a wide range of applications – from chemical synthesis and catalysis or food additives to hot-dip galvanising or battery production. TIB Chemicals is committed to producing zinc compounds in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. Therefore, we build upon maximum implementation of the circular economy in all production levels. Our focus is on high-quality zinc products in solid and liquid form. In addition to our standard product range, we offer customised product variants, including exclusive contract manufacturing.

Applications for zinc chemicals

Our zinc chloride solutions are available in different concentrations and qualities and are suitable for the production of plastics, water treatment and textile processing. Zinc chloride powder is used in the chemical industry as well as in water and surface treatment, as a catalyst and in fluxes based on zinc ammonium chloride. Zinc bromide is used in organic chemistry as a Lewis acid catalyst, in oil production as a so-called ‘completion fluid’, as a component in the production of solder and as an electrolyte in zinc batteries. Zinc nitrate is used in electroplating, agriculture and acetate fibre dyeing. Among other things, basic zinc carbonate is used in rubber and bitumen production as well as in the manufacture of sun protection products and activated carbon filters. It also serves as the basis for our special zinc oxides, which are used as catalysts. Zinc acetate is used for the production of wood preservatives, catalysts and other zinc salts. Zinc citrate is mainly used as a food additive. Furthermore, in the field of zinc chemistry, we offer customised product variants, including exclusive contract manufacturing.

Zinc chloride as a solution or as a solid

TIB Chemicals produces zinc chlorides as a solid as well as a solution in a wide range of concentrations and qualities: 

  • TG1: 36–40% standard zinc chloride solution for various applications in the chemical industry, e.g. for the production of pesticides 
  • TG3.50: 45–50% solution mainly used for battery production
  • TG3.65: This highly concentrated 65% solution is acid-free and has a very low content of critical contaminants such as Pb, Tl, Ni and other heavy metals or organic impurities.
  • TG4: Our 40% zinc chloride solution of the highest quality is suitable for pharmaceutical and food applications or for the production of cosmetics and personal hygiene products 
  • Solid, crystalline zinc chloride anhydride: low in oxychloride and of the highest quality. It is a popular catalyst for polyamide production and as a high-purity raw material for the chemical industry. 

Zinc chemicals for hot-dip galvanising

Zinc-based fluxes are indispensable for the hot-dip galvanising industry: The fluxes are largely responsible for economically and qualitatively high-quality galvanising results. Their task is to carry out a final intensive fine cleaning of the steel surface during the reaction with the molten zinc, to dissolve the oxide skin of the zinc surface and to briefly prevent renewed oxidation of the steel surface during the waiting period until the galvanising process. Fluxes also increase the wetting ability between the steel surface and the molten zinc. Thus, they improve the contact and reaction between zinc and steel.

Zinc hydroxy carbonate with special properties

TIB ZiCa H is our name for zinc hydroxide carbonate. Thanks to special manufacturing processes, we produce a high-quality and pure basic carbonate with special physical properties such as small particle size and large surface area. The large surface area and high activity make our ZiCa H an excellent additive for use in rubber and bitumen production. The small particle size has particular advantages, such as high transparency, which is useful in the manufacture of sunscreen products. ZiCa H also serves as a raw material for our zinc oxide HSSA. This is produced by a novel thermal process that generates an extraordinarily high specific surface area. This makes HSSA ideal as a precursor in the production of heterogeneous catalysts.

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