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Tin chemicals – high-quality products from responsible raw material sources

Tin chemicals from TIB Chemicals are used worldwide in various industries. Based on raw materials of the highest quality, we manufacture our tin products at sites in Germany and Mexico. In this way, we ensure very low levels of interfering foreign metals such as iron and lead. Our backward-integrated production allows almost all processes to be based on tin metal, which gives us optimum quality and cost control. Long-standing and trusting business relationships with our suppliers ensure that the tin metal we use is 100% conflict-free.

TIB Chemicals AG offers a wide range of tin-based intermediate materials, process additives and catalysts for customers offering diverse applications in a variety of industries such as CASE, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and flavouring production. Our expertise and close collaboration with international research institutions ensure that our products always meet the latest technology standards. We serve markets all over the world in compliance with the typical regulations for each country. Our development department is always ready to work out tailored solutions for customers from a wide range of regions and industrial sectors.
In addition to the highest product purity, reliable physical parameters are configured to meet customer specifications and offered in various packaging units. Our flexible production processes and experienced, highly motivated employees make it easy for us to implement special requests.

Tin chemicals for electroplating, automotive, mortar and cement

The majority of our tin chemicals serve as a raw material for the formulation of electroplating baths: for the electrolytic or external current-free deposition of tin and tin alloy layers, as well as for the electrolytic colouring of aluminium components using the anodized process. Tin sulphate and solid mixtures based on it serve as chromate reducers in cement and mortar formulations. In addition, we offer pure tin(IV) sulphide as a defined raw material for friction lining formulations used in the manufacture of brake and clutch linings.

Tin salts and tin salt solutions

An important part of the tin chemistry product range of TIB Chemicals are salts and their aqueous solutions with different specificities. We offer tin(II) chloride not only as anhydrous salt, but also as dihydrate and tin chloride solution. In this way, we respond to highly diverse storage and application conditions at our customers in the electroplating industry. In the case of tin(II) chloride solution, we have met the customer’s request for customised products. The solution is used as a raw material for the production of palladium colloid for plastic electroplating. Precisely adapted to customer specifications, we manufacture it in variable concentrations directly from tin metal.

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