Additional basic salts and additives for various applications in surface technology

TIB Chemicals also offers specialities, such as salt solutions of various metals, including a variety of metal methanesulphonates as well as chromium(III) salt solutions and flux additives.

Metal methanesulphonates

TIB Chemicals offers the world's broadest range of metal methanesulphonates. They are suitable for formulating electroplating baths, especially in the electronics sector – typically for depositing metal and alloy layers in printed circuit boards and connectors. Our customers’ focus on lead-free solders strongly promoted the development of such electrolytes years ago. TIB Chemicals has accompanied this path from the very beginning. Even before the relevant directives came into effect, we ensured progress in this demanding bath chemistry with our basic salts. Thus, our metal methane sulphonates meet the highest demands of purity and stability.

Chromium(III) salt solutions

TIB Chemicals’ specialities also include chromium(III) salt solutions. They are used in electroplating processes to replace chromic acid and other hazardous chromium(VI) compounds. For example, we offer products that can be used for passivation of galvanised surfaces with chromium(III) nitrate and chromium(III) hydrogen phosphate solutions. Our chromium(III) chloride and chromium(III) sulphate solutions serve as alternative raw materials for the formulation of baths for decorative chromium deposition.

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