Process additives

Process additives - Organic additives and intermediates for better performance in customer processes

Besides inorganic products, the TIB Chemicals product range includes a number of organic intermediates. They are mainly used by our customers in the galvanising/electroplating industry as additives for their own formulations. In addition, we offer ready-to-use solutions based on our own formulations for special applications – especially in hot-dip galvanising. Here, we complement our product range with service and advice on bath maintenance and analytics.

As a leading supplier of high-performance process additives, we continuously improve the performance of our products in order to stay one step ahead as a global technology leader. High flexibility and close relationships with our customers combined with comprehensive development expertise enable us to leverage the full potential in toxicology and sustainability. A global listing of TIB process additives paves the way for us to reach international business partners, whom we can support at any time with technical application issues.

Organic process additives as electroplating chemicals

Our range of organic process additives for electroplating applications includes both intermediates and mixtures. Organic intermediates – but especially surfactants – are important raw materials for the formulation of electroplating baths. They act as grain refiners, brighteners or as solubilisers for other bath components. Our ready-to-use formulations contain fine-tuned components for specific applications in electroplating, e.g. for the pre-treatment and post-processing of coated components. In the special case of electroless tin plating, we offer application-ready processes for the plating of aluminium and copper components with TIB Stanal and TIB SpeedPlate.

TIB Suract DRY – fast and energy-saving drying

The TIB Suract DRY formulation from TIB Chemicals ensures energy savings during drying processes. Major advantage: the product works at room temperature and works on all types of metal surfaces. TIB Suract DRY was originally developed for the fast and uncomplicated drying of freshly tinned printed circuit board tracks. The aim was to avoid corrosion phenomena without affecting the soldering properties of the tin surface. The hydrophobic film that forms at room temperature allows the component surface to dry quickly even with unfavourable geometry and provides temporary protection against corrosion during subsequent storage. If the film needs to be removed for further processing of the component, no additional chemicals are required: A short rinse with hot water is sufficient.  

TIB Suract CR-H – the fluorosurfactant-free alternative for chrome baths

Fluorosurfactants are extremely stable wetting agents for demanding chemical environments, such as chromic acid-based chrome plating baths. However, the stability of fluorosurfactants also accounts for their high persistence and bioaccumulability, which is why they are to be replaced in most applications. With TIB Suract CR-H, TIB Chemicals offers a fluorosurfactant-free alternative for bright, black and even hard chrome baths. The advantages are obvious: the patented active ingredient is completely biodegradable. At the same time, its effectiveness in chromic acid baths is guaranteed. The prerequisite is the constant addition of a highly diluted solution of the additive during the coating process.

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