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Nickel chemicals – high product quality from responsible production

TIB Chemicals offers an extraordinarily wide range of divalent nickel chemicals. In addition to the base salts chloride, nitrate and sulphate – each as hydrate and as solution – our product range also includes specialities such as nickel acetate, nickel sulphamate solution and nickel phosphate solution. our assortment is completed by basic nickel carbonate in various product variants. You can rely on responsible manufacturing: our production methods fulfil the special requirements of nickel chemicals for occupational safety and environmental protection.

Basic nickel carbonate

Basic nickel carbonate is used in various industries – especially in electroplating and heterogeneous catalysis. Precisely adapted to the requirements of these areas of application, TIB Chemicals has established product variants that differ, sometimes significantly, in the properties relevant to the application. For example, we offer basic nickel carbonates in different degrees of moisture. This allows users from the electroplating industry in particular to select exactly the product variant that best suits their dosing technology on site in terms of occupational safety. For use as a raw material in the production of heterogeneous catalysts, we offer basic nickel carbonates with specially adjusted sulphur content and particularly high bulk density for efficient silo storage.

Nickel salts in the electroplating industry

From corrosion protection for metallic surfaces to decorative nickel coatings on metallised plastics and electronic applications: Electroplating is an important field of application for nickel salts from TIB Chemicals. Manufactured exclusively from high-purity metal as raw material, these nickel products meet the highest quality requirements of the users. In addition to guaranteeing a constantly low spectrum of interfering elements, we offer our customers tailor-made product variants, including exclusive contract manufacturing of complete bath formulations.

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