Copper chemicals

Copper chemicals – high product quality for stable customer processes

Whether as an additive or as a raw material for formulations in a wide range of industries: TIB Chemicals offers a broad selection of copper products that are highly valued for their excellent quality. Our copper compounds are used in a wide range of applications – from heterogeneous catalysis to electroplating processes and chemical syntheses. Many of these compounds are produced in the course of recycling processes.

Copper chemicals for automotive, catalysis, wood protection and electroplating

TIB’s copper chemicals are used in a wide variety of industries: The automotive industry uses basic copper nitrate for pyrotechnical airbag gas generators. Basic copper carbonate is used for applications in heterogeneous catalysis as well as in wood preservation. In addition, there is a range of customised copper oxides, among other things for paint production, catalysis and electroplating. For example, our special product copper oxide HSSA is predestined for use as a precursor in the production of heterogeneous catalysts and adsorbents thanks to its extraordinarily high specific surface area.

Copper chemicals in electroplating

The deposition of copper and copper alloys is important for all types of electroplating processes. Our divalent copper-bearing basic salts are mainly used for the deposition of functional layers, such as in the production of printed circuit boards. They are therefore characterised by particularly low contents of interfering foreign ions. TIB Chemicals offers a range of copper-containing base salts for electroplating formulations, including the solids copper oxide EPG and copper pyrophosphate. The range is completed by aqueous solutions of copper methanesulphonate, copper sulphate and copper fluoroborate.

Bespoke copper chemicals

Users from a wide range of industries value our high-quality copper chemicals, which precisely meet the desired requirements. We achieve this by adapting the product quality to the respective requirements. For example, we produce a copper methanesulphonate solution for the electroplating industry exclusively from the high-purity raw materials copper metal and methanesulphonic acid and offer the solution in the highest possible concentration. The production process and product do not require any additional chemicals such as stabilisers.

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