PROTEGOL®, PROTEFAN® and PRODORAL® – Corrosion and leakage protection with reliable products

TIB Chemicals has now for decades developed, tested, manufactured and supplied coatings for a sustainable longterm corrosion and abrasion protection of industrial metal and concrete surfaces. Our work is characterised by permanent innovation and close cooperation with our partners and customers.

Coatings by TIB Chemicals – Play it safe

PROTEGOL® Coatings based on polyurethane and epoxy resin are allround corrosion protection systems for underground oil, gas and water lines, the valve industry and the construction of sewage works and power plants. PROTEGOL® Coatings meet highest technical and quality standards. Working closely with our customers we do not only provide standardised established but also individual innovative solutions. We are one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech corrosion protection systems for pipelines and a reliable and respected partner of worldwide industrial companies.


PROTEFAN® thermal curing systems are used as dipping pastes in the electroplating and tool-making industry, e.g. for pliers’ handles and as stoving varnishes in the metal drum linings industry.


PRODORAL® Sealings provide safe leakage protection for threaded joints in domestic gas pipes and heating systems.


Our coating systems have been certified in accordance with the respective sectors’ well-established national and international standards. They are contiuously updated in line with these standards. Their efficiency aside, our products’ environmental friendliness is very important to us.


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