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TIB Chemicals offers specialized chemical solutions to the tool industry that enhance the functionality, durability, and aesthetics of tools. Our PROTEFAN® product range includes high-quality plastisols for coating tool handles such as pliers and screwdrivers. These coatings provide excellent tactile feel, abrasion resistance, and electrical insulation up to 1,000 volts. Thanks to thermal curing and hot-dip processes, they are efficiently applied in a single operation regardless of the coating thickness. PROTEFAN® dip coatings form pore-free surfaces that are resistant to acids, alkalis, salt solutions, as well as degreasing and cleaning agents. They are available in various RAL colors and surface textures. Additionally, our dip pastes offer effective protection for electroplating racks, withstanding mechanical stresses and ensuring high elasticity. TIB Chemicals offers comprehensive service and customized solutions, supported by technical consulting. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop tailor-made products and optimize application processes to meet the specific needs of the tool industry. Rely on TIB Chemicals to fulfill your tool coating requirements and achieve your production goals.

Haptics, aesthetics and functionality under control: PROTEFAN® dip coatings

PROTEFAN® dip coatings form a non-porous surface and offer durable protection. Their main application is in the coating of tools – such as pincer grips or screwdrivers. With the resilient PVC-based plastisols, customers can rely on several advantages at once:


  • Production in common RAL colours, glossy or matt with rough or smooth surface
  • The coatings are abrasion-resistant and insulate up to 1,000 volts
  • High resistance to acids, alkalis, salt solutions as well as degreasing and cleaning agents


PROTEFAN® dipping pastes for electroplating applications

ROTEFAN® products demonstrate their strengths not only on tool handles, but also in production processes for tools. Whether you need them for plastic electroplating, chemical galvanising or hard chrome plating, the resistant PVC-based plastisols are ideally suited for protecting electroplating racks in galvanising plants. Their excellent stability against mechanical loads and high elasticity ensure that the suspension springs on electroplating racks can be bent permanently.

Comprehensive service and individual solutions for the tool industry

Just like all tools are not the same, all processes are also not the same! That is why TIB Chemicals offers individual customer solutions, supported by technical advice as well as fast and reliable assistance. In cooperation with our customers, we develop products according to customer-specific requirements or to improve application processes.

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