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TIB Chemicals offers highly specialized chemicals for plastic manufacturing that meet the high demands of the processing industry. Our products are essential for the production and optimization of plastics, particularly in the PVC sector. Our 65% zinc chloride solution TG 3.65 is an outstanding example of sustainable innovation. This product is entirely made from reclaimed zinc from industrial processes, contributing to a positive CO2 footprint. It enhances the longevity of manufactured PVC products, supporting sustainable applications of modern chemical products. During the natural aging process of PVC, caused by UV radiation, hydrochloric acid is released, leading to aging and discoloration of the material. TIB Chemicals' zinc chloride, in combination with hydrotalcites, acts as an effective acid scavenger, slowing these processes and preserving the transparency and quality of the PVC. Additionally, our zinc and tin compounds, such as zinc acetate and tin(IV) chloride, offer crucial advantages in plastic manufacturing. These chemicals improve the mechanical properties and environmental resistance of plastics. They contribute to the stabilization and hardening of the materials, ensuring durable and high-quality end products. Our chemicals meet the highest quality standards and are tailored to the specific requirements of the processing industry. TIB Chemicals supports you in developing innovative plastic solutions that are efficient, sustainable, and competitive. Rely on our expertise and high-quality products to optimize your plastic manufacturing processes and maximize the performance of your end products.

In the natural ageing process of the plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – caused among other things by natural UV radiation – small amounts of hydrochloric acid are released, causing the material to age. In combination with hydrotalcites as actual acid scavengers, the zinc chloride ensures that the associated discolouration or decreasing transparency of the PVC is significantly slowed down.

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