Rubber plastic

In the field of plastics production, and especially in the field of PVC, TIB Chemicals supplies a product with its 65% zinc chloride solution TG 3.65 that promotes sustainability in two respects. We obtain 100% of our zinc chloride from the recycling of zinc from industrial processes and thus contribute to a positive CO2 footprint. Through its function in PVC, it leads to a longer service life of the manufactured products and thus supports another aspect of sustainable use of modern, chemical products.

In the natural ageing process of the plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – caused among other things by natural UV radiation – small amounts of hydrochloric acid are released, causing the material to age. In combination with hydrotalcites as actual acid scavengers, the zinc chloride ensures that the associated discolouration or decreasing transparency of the PVC is significantly slowed down.

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