Pipeline coating

PROTEGOL® , the coating for pipelines – reliable long-term protection for oil and gas pipelines as well as water pipes

Since the 1960s, the name PROTEGOL® has been synonymous with high-performance products for coating oil, gas and water pipelines. It can be used for coating or lining, on steel or cast iron, as well as onshore or offshore. With the PROTEGOL® product range, TIB Chemicals offers reliable protection for metallic and non-metallic surfaces.  They prevent corrosion and provide protection against chemical and mechanical influences. Beyond the protection of individual pipelines, we pursue a higher goal: we protect assets

PROTEGOL® coatings for pipelines and pipeline networks

The polyurethane-based PROTEGOL® coatings from TIB Chemicals are particularly notable for their special properties: extremely hard and simultaneously flexible, they are the solution for coating the pipeline network, including weld seams, fittings and distribution stations.

Thus, they offer customers a clear advantage over alternative coating systems on the market.

Strong service partner for pipeline coating

We offer more than just our innovative products: when it comes to pipeline coatings, the PROTEGOL® service team is actively at your side – from the evaluation of your requirements and the development of the optimal solution to accompanying technical advice, training and on-site support. Our continuous pursuit of product excellence ensures that we provide state-of-the-art coating solutions that not only meet, but exceed your requirements.

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