Chemicals for the Petrochemical Industry

TIB Chemicals is your competent partner for high-quality chemicals specifically developed to meet the demands of the petrochemical industry. Our chemicals play a central role in various areas of petrochemistry. They are used as catalysts in complex chemical reactions critical to oil refining and processing. For instance, titanium(IV) chelates are widely used as catalysts in polymerization processes, while zinc chloride solutions are employed in petrochemical synthesis and as corrosion inhibitors. Another significant application is the use of oxygen scavengers such as ammonium bisulfite solutions, which help minimize corrosion and improve oil quality in oil extraction. These solutions are also crucial in seawater desalination plants, where they enhance water treatment efficiency and extend the lifespan of the facilities. Copper and nickel chemicals from TIB Chemicals are frequently used in heterogeneous catalysis processes such as hydrocracking. These processes are essential for converting heavy hydrocarbons into lighter, more valuable products like gasoline, diesel, and other petrochemical feedstocks. Our products are distinguished by their high purity and reliable performance and undergo stringent quality controls to meet the demanding requirements of the petrochemical industry. Through our customized solutions and technical support, we help you optimize your production processes, reduce operating costs, and minimize environmental impact. Rely on TIB Chemicals' extensive experience and innovative products to make your processes in the petrochemical industry more efficient and sustainable. Our chemicals help you stay competitive while meeting the highest standards in quality and safety.

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