Hot-dip galvanising

Chemicals for hot-dip galvanising – precisely tailored for each step

TIB Chemicals accompanies its customers through the entire hot-dip galvanising process – from consulting and delivery to the disposal of chemicals. We offer the right product for every step of the hot-dip galvanising process. Our product range includes acids, degreasing agents, cleaning additives, inhibitors, pickling additives, fluxes, passivation products as well as a variety of functional additives.

Specialised product ranges – precisely tailored to the requirements of the industry

TIB Clean – highly effective cleaners for alkaline and acid immersion processes in the degreasing process


TIB Inhibitor – products for effective protection against over-pickling as well as hydrogen embrittlement without affecting the speed of oxide dialysis


TIB Flux – fluxes such as double and triple salts, premium fluxes, patented iron-precipitating fluxes (Ferrokill) as well as special low-smoke and acid-buffering fluxes


TIB Finish – passivation products on organic and inorganic basis


TIB Additive – additives, e.g. for iron precipitation, surface tension modification and pH control


In cooperation with our customers, we continuously develop new products to meet the latest industry requirements.


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