Chemicals for electroplating – basic salts and intermediates for demanding electroplating applications

With the electroplating chemicals from TIB Chemicals, customers can rely on many years of experience and practice-oriented know-how: Starting with raw materials such as tin sulphate for traditional tin baths, we have been supplying our customers with high-quality metal compounds since the 1980s. In doing so, we are always reacting to new requirements, so that our portfolio is constantly expanding. This is expemlified by our metal methanesulphonates as well as our products for cyanide-free bath formulations or a fluorosurfactant-free chrome bath wetting agent. 

From standard products to new developments and contract manufacturing: Electroplating from TIB Chemicals

Our electroplating know-how in the form of highly developed bath formulations is used in all applications – from a chrome sheen on decorative surfaces and filigree contacts on printed circuit boards to wear-resistant tin coatings on engine pistons and façade components made of electrolytically coloured aluminium.Our customers can alsways rely on us having raw materials available worldwide in sufficient quantities at a consistently high quality, at the right time and in a suitable form. From metal salts as bath bases to organic intermediates for special additives – it is almost always worth taking a look at the product range of TIB Chemicals. What is more, we are constantly developing new problem solutions for our customers: wherever in the world a new electroplating bath is being developed – we are always amongst the first when it comes to securing the raw materials, some of which are completely new. This expressly includes exclusive contract manufacturing.

From automotive to tin surface: Electroplating in application

Electroplating chemicals from TIB Chemicals are primarily used by specialist companies and other formulation proprietors. They serve as raw materials for formulations of galvanic processes in order to deposit decorative as well as functional surface layers. In addition to metal salts and their solutions, our organic additives are also used for special bath properties. The portfolio includes metal chemicals, especially for tin, nickel, copper and Zinc. Thanks to careful raw material selection and reliable process control, these basic salts are characterised by high quality. In addition, we have been supplying companies in the automotive supply industry for decades, where our products are used for the chemical or electrolytic tin-plating of bearings and pistons. 

Indispensable for the electronics industry: Metal methanesulphonates

TIB Chemicals offers the world's broadest range of metal methanesulphonates. They are suitable for formulating electroplating baths, especially in the electronics sector – typically for depositing metal and alloy layers in printed circuit boards and connectors. Our customers’ focus on lead-free solders strongly promoted the development of such electrolytes years ago. TIB Chemicals has supported this path from the very beginning: even before the relevant directives came into effect, we ensured progress in this demanding bath chemistry segment with our basic salts. Thus, the product group of metal methane sulphonates fulfils the highest demands on purity and stability. 

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