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Chemicals for the construction industry – additives for cement and mortar formulations

Since 2005, only cements and mortars with a soluble hexavalent chromium content of less than 2 ppm may be marketed in the European Union. This guideline value is prescribed by European Directive 2003/53/EC for reasons of occupational safety. TIB Chemicals offers the appropriate products for this purpose: our additives for cement and mortar formulations are based on the active substance tin sulphate and reduce the hexavalent chromium content effectively and sustainably. 

Redox products for the reduction of hexavalent chromium

To suit various customer requirements, TIB Chemicals offers a whole range of redox products based on tin sulphate, which differ in active ingredient content and flowability. The advantage over alternative iron-based active ingredients: tin sulphate inhibits the reoxidation of the resulting trivalent chromium species. Therefore, the respective cement or mortar formulation fulfils the required limit value for hexavalent chromium significantly longer. In addition, chromate reducers based on tin sulphate are colour-neutral – and therefore ideally suited for decorative applications such as stuccos and plasters. Another plus: tin sulphate is already highly effective at significantly lower dosage rates. Thanks to the variable flowability of our redox products, they can be added effectively under a wide variety of conditions. The application properties of the respective cement or mortar formulation remain unaffected.

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