Chemicals for Catalysis 

TIB Chemicals offers a wide range of highly specific chemicals for heterogeneous catalysis. Our products, including copper, nickel, and zinc compounds, are specifically developed to meet the needs of chemists and engineers in processing industries. Our metal oxides and carbonates are characterized by high purity and specific surfaces, making them ideal for catalytic processes. Copper(II) oxide HSSA and zinc oxide HSSA provide an excellent basis for catalyst formulations, as they enable a highly dispersed distribution of metal spots, thus enhancing catalytic efficiency. Our nickel carbonate products, such as TIB Ni-Carbonate 930 and 830, are low in sulfur and offer high bulk density for efficient storage and handling. These properties make them ideal for the production of catalysts in petroleum processing and chemical synthesis. Zinc and tin compounds, such as zinc oxide HSSA and anhydrous tin(IV) chloride, are essential in guard beds and absorbers that protect catalysts from contaminants. These compounds extend the lifespan and improve the performance of catalysts. TIB Chemicals places great emphasis on quality and sustainability. Our products meet the highest regulatory standards and support you in developing environmentally friendly and efficient catalyst solutions. Rely on TIB Chemicals for innovative and sustainable catalysis processes.

Regulatory requirements

Apart from technical requirements for modern catalytic systems, regulatory requirements are also becoming increasingly important. TIB Chemicals offers a broad product portfolio of organotin-free alternatives and is your reliable partner for all issues related to toxicology, regulatory requirements and registration.

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