Chemicals for the automotive industry – raw materials for safety-relevant automotive technology

The automotive industry faces complex challenges in developing innovative and durable materials. At TIB Chemicals, we offer a wide range of chemicals specifically tailored to the needs of the automotive sector. Our products are designed to improve efficiency and quality in production and meet stringent industrial standards. Our chemicals play a crucial role in various automotive manufacturing processes. Particularly in surface treatment and corrosion protection, we provide solutions that significantly extend the lifespan of automotive parts. With our expertise in providing basic copper nitrate and copper(II) oxide, we supply essential components for electroplating, enabling durable and corrosion-resistant parts. Our tin and zinc compounds, such as tin disulfide and zinc chloride, support the production of high-performance lubricants and additives. These are necessary to minimize friction and wear in engines and transmissions, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of vehicles. Our special blends, such as the alkyl tin(IV) oxide mixture and various dioctyl tin(IV) compounds, are critical components in the production of catalysts and stabilizers, contributing to improved emission control. An outstanding example is our basic copper nitrate, which is used as an important component in the pyrotechnic propellants of airbags. Thanks to its chemical properties, it enables reliable and rapid ignition, which is crucial for vehicle safety systems.

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