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For more than two decades, TIB Chemicals has been producing raw materials for the formulation of pyrotechnical propellants for airbag gas generators. These highly specific copper compounds are supplied directly to renowned Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry and are used worldwide. TIB Chemicals was quick to adapt to the special requirements of customers in the automotive safety technology sector. Regularly scheduled audits ensure smooth cooperation and fulfilment of the highest quality requirements. 

TIB Chemicals as a reliable partner for basic copper nitrate

Basic copper nitrate has impressively proven its reliability as an additive for pyrotechnic propellants over the last 20 years. With the growing demand from automotive suppliers, the requirements in quantity and quality of this type of propellant have also risen steadily. TIB Chemicals has responded to this demand from the very beginning by continuously optimising the production process, by securing the raw material base and by investing in additional production capacities for basic copper nitrate.

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